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Warwick Public Library

600 Sandy Lane


This mission statement is a concise expression of the fundamental goals of the Library, and specifies our basic purpose. It was adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1989.

The Warwick Public Library provides materials and services to meet the needs of the community. The collection emphasizes recreational and leisure materials in addition to current information in a variety of formats. Through its materials and programs for children, the Library encourages the development of learning and reading skills. The Library also supports the educational needs of students through the twelfth grade.

A public library serves many functions within its community. To some, it is a source of urgently needed current information. To others, it is an opportunity for life-long learning and enrichment. Still others use the library for recreational reading. The Warwick Public Library fulfills many roles; however, finite resources make it necessary that certain functions be emphasized over others.

The Board of Trustees and Library administration have carefully reviewed the needs of the community, and the resources of the Warwick Public Library in the context of available library services in Rhode Island.

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