The 8 Best Places for Gelato in Rhode Island!

Don’t skimp on your ice cream choices by going for soft serve—indulge in a richer, more delicious experience and head to one of Rhode Island’s premiere gelato shops. With chic interiors and authentic, smooth gelato, you might feel yourself transported from Rhode Island to a European café. Here are the 10 best gelato places in the state. 

1. Cold Fusion Gelato, Newport, RI

After a scorching day on the beach, a refreshing gelato is the perfect cool-down solution. Choose from Cold Fusions’ 34 gelato and sorbet flavors—you might not be able to choose just one. If you must, go for one of the new citrus sorbet flavors, or the salted caramel gelato.

2. Nana’s Ice Cream and Gelato, Narragansett, RI

Nana’s Gelato offers ice cream in every variety available: hard and soft, gelato, frozen yogurts… Regardless of what type of ice cream you’re getting, try their homemade waffle cones, dipped in chocolate for an extra sweet treat.

3. Amore Espresso & Gelato Bar, Providence, RI

Located in a picturesque house near Rhode Island Hospital, this hidden gem is sure to satisfy any craving, whether it be caffeine or sugar. Though Amore might be tiny, it has some of the most incredible gelato flavors around, all made in house! Flavors include pistachio, panna cotta, coconut and cannoli.

4. Medici Gelato, Barrington, RI

Located in an elegant, bright building in Barrington, Medici brings a refined gelato experience to every one of its customers. Step inside and you’ll feel like you’re in a European Café, not Rhode Island! Medici’s flavors often rotate, so you’ll want to keep coming back to see what’s new! 

5. Teas & Javas, Providence, RI

This little coffee store offers more than just teas and javas—head up to the counter and you’ll spot a gelato case filled with tempting flavors. And at only $1 for a mini scoop, that temptation is made all the more difficult to resist! Go for a milkshake if you’re really in love—and ask them to add, coffee, too for a little boost!

6. Kilwin’s, Newport, RI

Thought it may be a chain, there’s no beating the best. Located in downtown Newport, the decadent scent of chocolate and sweetness will greet you at the door. Their ice creams and gelatos are loaded with chunks of delicious goodness. Try the s’mores or the toasted coconut. 

7. Pompelmo Gelateria, Westerly, RI

Packed tight under the glass case, Pompelmo’s gelato flavors are as incredible to look at as they are to eat! Grab a cone or a cup and take the time to savor your scoop before it melts. Make sure to sample plenty of flavors, too—the customer service at Pompelmo’s is efficient and friendly. Owners Melanie and Denny even went to Italy to learn how to expertly craft gelato from the professionals themselves.

8. Gramma’s Gelato Café, Watch Hill, RI

Located right near the water, Gramma’s makes their gelato fresh and with incredible flavor combinations. In addition to classics like stracciatella and chocolate, make sure to try their own unique creations like La Giuliana, a mix of espresso, mascarpone and chocolate. You’ll also love the fun frescoed interior, painted with ocean scenes that kids will love.

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