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American Diner Museum

American Diner Museum
P.O.Box 6022

Mission Statement:

Since 1996, the American Diner Museum (ADM) has been focused on celebrating and preserving the cultural and historical significance of the American diner, a unique American institution. The museum also hopes to recognize and share the importance of diners nationally and internationally. The ADM considers it a crucial part of its mission to save the vintage diners that are in danger of extinction from, among other things, redevelopment of property to franchise stores and strip malls.

The Museum is a tribute to the individuals who built, operated and worked in the diners and to those who continue the diner tradition into the 21st century. Although the museum doesn't have a permanent exhibit space yet, we consider every diner to be a living museum. Our goal is to create a permanent home in the Providence, Rhode Island area. We operate from a temporary space that is not currently open to the public.

Visitors to the Museum's permanent home will be able learn the history of the diner through interactive video and exhibits commemorating the numerous diner manufacturers. The Museum's reference library will provide access to manufacturers' literature and records, a registry of diners and a collection of photographs and artifacts.

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