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Exeter - Yawgoo Valley Ski Area and Water Park

160 Yawgoo Valley Road

The park opens daily from 11am-6pm; an early opening may be requested for group 100+. Groups must pay for 100 people if the park is opened early for them. Early opening does not guarantee exclusivity, public may be permitted into the park should they arrive before regular opening.

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Christopher Dubuc

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
As a ski resort, it is small, best for kids and beginners. The kids love it!!! As a lifelong(above average) skier, it is boring. Drop the kids and go tubing!! The water park is also small, but its fun!! The smaller tube is perfect for smaller kids!! The larger tube is perfect for those looking for a little more speed!! It's the perfect detination for a couple hours of summer fun. The prices are reasonable, and they have hourly rates. Overall, it is a nice place all around, don't expect too much, and you will enjoy yourself.

Brian Bigda

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018
So, we've spent a winter getting acquainted with Yawgoo via lessons for the kids and some recreational outings, and I have to say I am impressed. Now, it's not a huge mountain (and I've skied mountains all over N.E. and out west), so anyone expecting something comparable and then complaining about it needs to get realistic. I think Yawgoo has done an exceptional job carving out interesting trails on what essentially is sloping terrain into a valley. The trails are varied and enjoyable .. and they are great for beginners to intermediates to work on technique. In fact, I am actually surprised at how many trails they offer. Now their black diamonds are not comparable to bigger resorts, but for beginners, they're challenging enough and a great confidence booster. I am also impressed with how the staff keeps the place open. This winter - 2018 - has been mild with lots of rain and 40F days, but Yawgoo continues to keep most of trails open, and in good shape. Whoever is in charge of trail maintenance is doing a great job. Lastly, the lesson program. The lessons are fantastic for any level, especially newbies. They're well organized, the right size as far as student to teacher ratio, the instructors are great, and the facility really caters to families. We plan on sticking with Yawgoo for some time with lessons and season passes. It's really a great place to ski in Southern RI ... remember that, you're skiing in Southern Rhode Island. If you live in the area, it's pretty special that you get to drive a short distance and get some skiing in at an enjoyable and affordable place.

peyton messier

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018
Totally ripped me off. They let me buy a $26 ticket without once warning me about there only being 2 slopes open and how bad the terrain was. I was appalled that they would even open on a day where the slopes were so bad let alone sell tickets at $26 so I went to the ticket booth and asked for my money back. The ticket woman just laughed at me and told me the best she could do was give me a voucher to return for free on a later date. This sounded fair to me but once I got home I read the voucher and it said it was only viable until the end of the season... which was 2 days away. And wouldn't you believe it rained the next two days? So I pretty much gave them $26 and got nothing back but a laugh in the face and a useless piece of paper. I never plan on returning and I highly encourage anyone reading this to venture to other places such as Wachusett or Powder Ridge as an alternative for skiing/snowboarding because Yawgoo is nothing but a headache.

Eric Bronson

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
The runs are fine... but some of the staff were extremely unprofessional. One of the employees that was unhooking tubes simply screamed at little kids to get out of tubes. Another employee brought a couple of his friends directly to the front of the lines. Very disappointing.

Tim Collins

Thursday, April 5, 2018
A family run resort that is a great resource for RI. It is small, so you probably don't want to drive a long distance to get here. But if you live in RI and want to get out on the sloops this is the spot to be!

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