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The Columbus Theatre was designed by architect Oreste DiSaia and built by realtor Domenic Annotti in 1926. The Theatre originally featured vaudeville and silent films before being leased by RKO Albee Theater, who renamed the building the Uptown Theater and operated it as one of Providence's premier cinemas for the next 25 years. With the advent of television the Theatre fell on hard times, but builder Misak Berberian, whose love of architecture drew him to the Theatre, purchased it in the summer of 1962. He revived the Theater's original name and installed his son Jon at the helm. After extensive repairs, the Berberians reopened the Theatre on November 1, 1962 - the 36th anniversary of the building's original opening.

After more than four decades of operation which included music, film, and theatre presentations, as well as serving community groups from throughout Rhode Island with a beautiful venue for their programs the Theatre was forced to close again in 2009 because of fire code updates. Since that time, Jon Berberian has worked tirelessly to meet those requirements for the Theatre, which reopened its doors November 17, 2012 and has once again become a beautiful and valued asset to the community.


Valerie Leon

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Visited this venue for the first time to see the Benny's Musical. The space was charming, and I liked how the balcony is used as a secondary performance space for smaller productions. I will be back to see more shows in both areas of the theater. The staff members are friendly and very efficient at handling large crowds.

Ashley Moore

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Beautiful venue, good audio for concerts, not great for film. Fantastic look, caring, gorgeous staff. It’s always a treat to see a show here.

Diane Bedrosian

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Saw Benny's the musical. Hilarious. Beautiful old theater.

Jessica Grant

Monday, March 19, 2018
I recently saw a show and was really disappointed at how much noise there was around me. Selling candy and snacks really takes away from the experience of people who are there to actually enjoy live music. I really don't want to listen to someone loudly shaking a box trying to find a blue M&M in a dark theater after I paid for great seats to see my favorite musician. I know staff can only control so much, but there are no rules or announcements about phone usage and remaining quiet for the duration of the show. I sat in the center second row, and women in front of me in the front row were using their cell phones and talking while a staff person sat at the front and did nothing. It's disrespectful to the musicians and annoying for people who are serious fans. The theater itself is beautiful, but I won't be returning.

Jaki Selwyn

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
So happy this space was rescued and restored. All of my most recent shows have been here. I love the staff and location. It's got history and age.

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