8 Best Bubble Tea Places in Rhode Island!

While long a staple of Asian food markets and restaurants, bubble tea has increased in popularity within recent years, with multiple storefronts popping up around Rhode Island to sell this delicious Taiwanese drink. If you’re in the market to try some boba, head to one of these restaurants, which offer a variety of traditionally flavored bubble tea and fresh, seasonal tastes. Here are our favorites. 

Bubble Tea House, Providence, RI

Although they might call the tapioca bubbles at Bubble Tea House “chewy balls,” they are as delicious as any other! This local bubble tea joint on the West End offers up impressive flavor combinations, and lets you control how much ice and sugar you want. The unassuming cafe also doesn’t charge extra for bubbles! 

Vivi Bubble Tea, Providence, RI

The first thing that hits you when you walk into Vivi Bubble Tea is the pink—it’s everywhere, from the walls to the counters to bright rose-colored seats. Second is the sweet smell of fresh tapioca bubbles behind the counter. Their bubbles are smooth and flavorful, making this tea stand out. Make sure to try their Thai iced tea. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Kung Fu Tea, Providence, RI

Operated by the same restaurant owners who brought Den Den to Benefit Street, Kung Fu tea is the perfect place for bubble tea. Stop in late at night until 11 p.m. to try the delicious taro or coconut milk. And try their unique herbal jelly, too—a real rarity in Rhode Island. 

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Krazy Fusion Cafe URI, Kingston, RI

With few options for bubble tea in the Kingston area, Krazy Fusion Cafe is a lucky find. On top of that, they offer incredibly rare flavors such as pina colada and watermelon. The tea is refreshing, with just the right amount of sugar to give it a light sweetness.

Minh Hai Restaurant, Cranston, RI

This mom-and-pop Cranston restaurant boasts some pretty impressive bubble tea. They blend the ice into the tea, making the bubble tea taste more like a shake than tea drink. Try one of their fresh flavors like the avocado or mango bubble tea. It’s the perfect dessert after a delicious meal of pho at this family-run joint.

Lotus Fine Thai Cuisine, North Smithfield, RI

The ratio of bubbles to tea at Lotus will leave you satisfied with plenty of tapioca pearls to chew on as you enjoy Lotus’ delicious drinks. After you enjoy a delicious lunch—their food portions are just as hefty—make sure to finish it with a milk tea. Though a shorter list than most, their prices are also reasonable.

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Sunrise Restaurant, Middletown, RI

This restaurant is one of the best places for Vietnamese food in Southern Rhode Island! Grab pho for lunch and then try the tempting bubble tea concoctions for desert. Even a classic milk tea with boba tastes great when made by Sunrise.

Empire Tea and Coffee, Multiple locations

With locations in Bristol, Middletown, and Newport, you can find a great bubble tea drink no matter where you are in Rhode Island. Try the refreshingly light strawberry bubble tea on a summer day, the perfect beverage to sip next to the bay, located right across the street.

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